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Meet Oppy – Your GovCon Supercharger

OppyHound is your ultimate companion in the world of government contracts, designed specifically for small businesses, existing federal contractors, and acquisition specialists. With a user experience built from the ground up by a team deeply-rooted in Government procurement, OppyHound leverages the latest advancements in AI to streamline the process of finding, understanding and pursuing opportunities.

A New Way To Review Opportunities

By asking questions directly to all the solicitation documents, uncover new ways of evaluating your opportunities. Leverage Oppy’s AI powered abilities to access this wealth of information when searching for answers and understanding the opportunity.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Missing out on valuable government updates is a common problem due to human limitations. OppyHound is always tracking, and helps you stay in the know with real-time alerts from the items you care about. Add opportunities, agencies, or even entities to your Watchlist and receive instant updates, so you never miss a beat.

Find What You Need, When You Need It

Struggling to sift through countless solicitations and documents to find relevant information? OppyHound’s powerful search capabilities make this a thing of the past. Tap into the document level and quickly find matches for specific capabilities, labor categories and keywords with ease. Say goodbye to tedious searches and hello to efficient, targeted results.

A Tool You’ll Love to Use

Our intuitive interface makes finding opportunities, entities, or past awards effortless and enjoyable.

Deep Insights at a Glance

Oppy Deep Dives provide users the bottom-line up-front information for an Opportunity with the click of a button. Explore details from the documents such as scope, proposal requirements, evaluation factors, and more.

Entity Import and Evaluation

OppyHound onboarding starts with linking your SAM.gov entity if you have it. This informs Oppy about your contracting history, top NAICS. (first principles approach)

Lead the Pack with OppyHound

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OppyHound helps you find and understand the right opportunity for your company, so your time can be focused on crafting the best approach and response possible.

We built OppyHound to empower Small Businesses to Compete on a Level Playing Field with Large Enterprises. After decades of industry experience, we identified there was a lack of affordable and meaningful support available for Small to Medium Sized Businesses pursuing Government Contracting Opportunities. Thus, we created OppyHound to demystify the GovCon world, so small to medium sized business can spend more time creating solutions and less time reading solicitations and regulations.

Simplifying and demystify government procurement process to enable new companies to enter the market, understand how to succeed and sell innovative solutions to the government.
Oppy is set to launch summer of 2024! Join our waitlist now to be first in line to experience a new way to unlock the world of government contracting.

Oppy hound is available for any company or individual wanting to do business with the federal Government; however, our focus is on small and mid-sized businesses including both those with experience and those new to the market.

OppyHound pulls opportunity data from SAM.gov and uses an elastic search capability to help users find relevant opportunities by searching for specific key words within the documents. Users can also filter the type of opportunities they search for by location, agency, dollar amount, to refine the data to fit their needs.
The U.S. Federal Government is the largest purchaser of good and services in the world. The Government’s budget in 2023 was $9.3 trillion, with $765 billion spent on federal procurement.
A click of a button and users will get notifications for opportunities changes or entities to know when an amendment was issued or a competitors get an award.
The system is constantly updated with new opportunities throughout the day and users tracking opportunities, agencies, or entities receive alerts as soon as they arrive.

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